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sept30 2018-Readers Digest-Extraordinary
Did you know:
  • Straight pipes are pipes straight from a toilet into a waterway...yuck!

  • Straight pipes are 100% ILLEGAL and there are still thousands all across Nova Scotia

  • You can sell a house with an ILLEGAL straight pipe and there is no enforcement to fix it at the time of sale

  • The provincial government is not going to enforce replacement of ILLEGAL straight pipes

  • There is no such thing as a 'grandfather claus' on straight pipes.  They are 100% ILLEGAL

  • The LaHave River will be straight pipe free by 2023 - Look around my site to learn more :)

Stella Bowles with Leader of the Federal Green Party, Elizabeth May
Stlla Bowles with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I have met many politicians because of my river project including Elizabeth May (Former Federal Leader of the Green Party) when I visited Parliament Hill, and Justin Trudeau (Liberal Prime Minister of Canada) when I introduced him at an event.  

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